GDPR Comes Into Effect from 25 May 2018 – Are You Ready?

Under GDPR, you must keep all personal data you hold accurate and up to date. Obviously, this includes names and contact details, but also payment methods, dates etc. Crucially for GDPR compliance, you must also be able to demonstrate appropriate consent for each contact, be able to respond to Subject Access Requests quickly and execute the Right To Be Forgotten.

Data accuracy starts with a complete and up-to-date Single Customer View!

To enable all this, an up-to-date Single Customer View with accurate contact and customer relationship details is essential. If your security is breached, you may need to notify the customers affected promptly – something that an accurate Single Customer View allows you to do reliably.

  • Does your database provide an accurate Single Customer View?
  • Are your addresses correct?
  • Do you suppress customers who have died?

How Cymar Can help you?

  • Our consultants are experts in data management and have successfully implemented governance in a wide variety of organisations.
  • Our consultants have over 20 years of experience with regulatory data management.
  • We understand the need for cultural change for both GDPR and effective data governance and have extensive experience in organisational change and skills development.
  • We have experience in consultancy and workshop management and can provide the capability to facilitate and develop a practical GDPR roadmap.

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