Be prepared for the worst with our bespoke backup and disaster recovery solutions for your business.

Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be of paramount concern to all businesses. Improve your company’s preparedness and resilience in the face of unexpected disasters with the creation of a comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution incorporating the latest technology and industry best practice.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR or BC/DR) are closely related practices that describe an organization’s preparation for unforeseen risks to continued operations. The trend of combining business continuity and disaster recovery into a single term has resulted from a growing recognition that both business executives and technology executives need to be collaborating closely instead of developing plans in isolation.

The primary objective of a Disaster Recovery plan (a.k.a. Business Continuity plan) is the description of how an organization has to deal with potential natural or human-induced disasters. The disaster recovery plan steps that every enterprise incorporates as part of business management includes the guidelines and procedures to be undertaken to effectively respond to and recover from disaster recovery scenarios, which adversely impacts information systems and business operations. Plan steps that are well-constructed and implemented will enable organizations to minimize the effects of the disaster and resume mission-critical functions quickly.

Business Continuity or DRP steps involve an extensive analysis of an organization’s business processes, IT infrastructure, data backup, continuity requirements and disaster prevention methods.


  • Maintenance of the Plan through updates and review.
  • Periodic inspection of DRP.
  • Off-site backup of your server.
  • Documentation of changes.

Our main objective is to continue running your business IT without any problem. If anything happen, Disaster Recovery should be in place.