Door Entry System

For Office, Schools, Retail & Shopping Centers and Public Sector Properties

Cymar is the UK’s Hikvision Door System Certified Installer

When working in an office block, it’s important to know that any restricted or confidential areas are protected. We offer a wide range of office access control solutions such as card reader systems, turnstiles and coded keypad access.

Ensuring the protection of students is paramount when it comes to school security. At Cymar Security Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of access control for schools to help you monitor who is coming and going from your education premises.

The majority of retail premises are laid out in a similar way with a sales floor open to the public and a private staff area for storage and cash handling. In order to maintain the security of these areas, it is vital that they are separated by a suitable level of security.

Public sector buildings such as hospitals, libraries and hotels are accessible to a wide range of people. With such a varied flow of visitors, security really is critical and access control paramount. We will work with you to ensure the best level of access control for your needs.