Cymar prides itself on responsive and effective support services. We can provide tailored Support Plans ranging from monthly plans to ad hoc support.

Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network, but getting there involves a more proactive approach to regular maintenance and monitoring. Whether it is our As Needed services, Fixed Price Maintenance plans, Custom Maintenance Plans or assisting your full time IT staff, Cymar has the right support plan for you.

A. Monthly Contract Customer Support
B. Ad Hoc IT Support Services
C. Extending a Helping Hand To Your Existing IT Function

A. Monthly Contract Customer Support

Be able to accurately budget for the maintenance and support for your office with our Monthly Rate Maintenance Plans. Depending on your office’s support needs you can eliminate most IT maintenance extra costs. To find out more about our fixed monthly rate maintenance plans, please contact us today and a friendly and helpful Support Advisor will call you to discuss your support needs.

1. Remote Support

With remote control support, we install remote access software to allow secure dial-in capability. This allows our engineers to take control of the remote computer and perform many tasks that would have required a site visit. This provides a faster response time. We have now introduced a new connection system where we will provide you with a PIN No and if you enter this pin in our Remote support section and click on connect, then we will be able to connect to your computer from our office.     Remote Support



2. On-Site or Emergency Call-out and Regular site Visits

If a problem cannot be solved over the telephone, we will visit your business to investigate and correct the problem. We can also provide regular visits to perform health checks on your system.

Monthly Support Contract Includes
Workstation & User Support
On-site Support, Remote Support & Server Support
Daily server backup and system monitoring
Rapid Server Support and disaster recovery plan
Performance and user satisfaction monitoring
Off-site Backup
Computer Network equipment Support
Monthly support for network equipment
Firewall, Switch(es), Router support
Our Engineers are Microsoft Certified IT Professionals
Dedicated primary support engineer assignment
No long term commitment – 3 Month roll on contract.
Flexible onsite engineer arrangement – Onsite engineer time can be adjusted according to needs. For the time being, it is agreed between the Company and the Customer that the support offered falls into the following categories: a. Urgent assistance required – IT failures etc
b. Routine maintenance – such as upgrades, fixing non-urgent problems
c. Planned upgrades/maintenance
d. Events

3. Ongoing ICT Support Services

By using Cymar’s ICT outsource option, Cymar engineers will attend to your office on regular basics and deal with any IT issues and working the ICT manager on Planning and new requirements. Because the visit is constant so all the staffs know when their issues will be fixed. Cymar will dedicate at least one engineer to your business. The ICT Coordinator is also entitled to use all other supports provided by Cymar.

Plan Features

  • IT Outsourcing Support Package with one day a week on-site engineer support
  • Add Two days a week on-site engineer support – more days at a lower price.
  • Add Three days a week on-site engineer support – more days at a lower price.
  • Add Four days a week on-site engineer support – more days at a lower price.
  • To provide on-site engineer ICT support ½ day every fortnight
  • To provide on-site engineer ICT support 1 day every fortnight
  • To provide On-site engineer on Daily rate

B. Ad Hoc IT Support Services

Our IT Department provides a hassle-free, ‘pay as you go’ Ad hoc IT support service which is suitable for small businesses and start-up organisations that have a limited budget, or for businesses that do not require a full-time managed IT services contract.
Every Ad-hoc client will experience the same high-level IT support service that is delivered to our existing full-time contracted clients.
We offer a completely transparent service experience – delivered by a team of London-based Microsoft certified IT, Support engineers.
Have peace of mind knowing that a fast professional support service is available when you need it, at a cost you can afford.

Service Price
Remote Support Desk – Business Hours (9:30 am to 5:30 pm) £35.00 for 1hr
Onsite Support – Business Hours (9:30 am to 5:30 pm) £65.00 for 1hr
Emergency Support £85.00 for 1hr
Remote Support – After Hours £70.00 for 1hr
Onsite Support – After Hours £90.00 for 1hr
Emergency Support – Holidays £120.00 for 1hr

C. Extending a Helping Hand To Your Existing IT Function

“Ongoing support & consultancy for your internal IT Manager or IT Department”

Our IT Department provides a comprehensive range of Scheduled Support, Ongoing Consultancy and Project Management services to organisations that already employ the services of an internal IT Expert: or internal IT Department.

Our IT Department provides a key range of dedicated IT manager support services and solutions to Compliment the skillset of your existing in-house IT function.

From first-line support to complex project management, our selection of fully scalable ‘complementary’ IT services will become a logical extension to your existing internal IT expert. Features of our existing IT Manager Support,

Day-to-day 1st and 2nd line desktop and application support
IT Project Management and IT Project Rescue
Consultancy of your IT Strategy
Scheduled onsite field technician support
Holiday and absence cover.